November 10, 2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lisa Watkins President, Martinsville-Henry County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Chamber’s Partnership for Economic Growth (C-PEG) (276) 632-6401
Uptown Martinsville celebrates expanding and new businesses during 2020
MARTINSVILLE, VA (November 6, 2020)—A number of entrepreneurs have remained resilient with their small business operations in Uptown Martinsville throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
Since the beginning of 2020, the following businesses have opened or expanded in Uptown Martinsville: Brand Builders, retail business selling promotional products; Brenda’s Catering and More, a restaurant and catering facility; Fido’s Finds & Kittie’s Kollectibles, an antique store; Foothills Family Services, a home healthcare service, Junk & Disorderly, an antique store; La Plazita, restaurant offering Mexican cuisine; Olive Tree Counseling LLC, a counseling service; Pieces From the Past, a store specializing in antiques and caned chairs; Scented Delights, a specialty candle shop with seasonal scents; and THAIRapy Salong & Spa, a beauty salon and spa.
“It is wonderful to see new businesses in our City and our existing businesses doing well,” said Kathy Lawson, Mayor of the City of Martinsville. “While 2020 has certainly been a challenge, our community has worked with our Chamber and local businesses for success!”
“We celebrate the addition of a small business at all times; to have eight new businesses and two expanding businesses during a global pandemic really calls for a celebration,” said Kimberly Keller, Uptown Entrepreneurial Development Manager with the Chamber’s Partnership for Economic Growth (C-PEG). “We are ecstatic to have a community that is supportive of businesses and happy that our organization can play a part in recruiting new businesses and supporting the growth of our local economy.”
Business information is as follows:
• Brand Builders – located at 111 East Main Street – (276) 336-4470 -;
• Brenda’s Catering and More – located at 43-45 East Church Street – (276) 790-9742;
• Fido’s Finds & Kitties Kollectibles - located at 119 East Main Street – (276) 656-1101 -;
• Foothill Family Services - located at 22 East Church Street – (276) 336-4512;
• Junk & Disorderly LLC- located at 107 East Main Street – (276) 790-3363 -;
• La Plazita - located at 10 East Church Street - (276) 632-2372 -;
• Pieces From the Past - located at 115 East Church Street – (276) 336-8812 -;
• Olive Tree Counseling, LLC - located at 22 East Church Street – (276) 632-8029;
• Scented Delights - located at 20 East Main Street -;
• THAIRapy Salon & Spa – located at 46 East Church Street – (276) 403-4247 -